Christopher Stackhouse, a writer and painter living and working in New York City is: a Cave Canem Writers Fellow; A poetry editor for Fence Magazine; and a 2005 Fellow in Poetry from The New York Foundation for the Arts. His poems and drawings have been published in art/lit journals Aufgabe, Fence, nocturnes (re)view of literary arts, Encyclopedia, Indiana Review, THIS, Bridge, and Hambone, among others. He hosts and coordinates the reading series "First Tuesday's Reading Series with Christopher Stackhouse at Zieher-Smith Gallery," a monthly poetry venue in Chelsea: and is co-curator of The Center for Book Arts Broadside Reading Series 2005. He is co-author of a limited edition hand crafted artist book Seismosis (The Center for Book Arts,2003), which features selected drawings in collaboration with writer John Keene's selected texts. Seismosis Complete Drawings and Texts will be published in spring of 2006 by 1913 press. Slip (Corollary Press, 2005), Stackhouse's first published collection of poems, a chapbook, debuts this fall.


*section one from FISTULA*
       by Christopher Stackhouse

Fistula — posit — "fisting"
itinerant — "slip" — caroused
all be it — detectable, "pre-histor
-ical" like ice
bending to sputter — "so you've read
the corrections" [insert][sic]
camouflaged — impressive "contraband" —

given to " a light rise" — taught in hand,
what's in hand suffers "pinkly"
while missing its speller — (neck and head
[fuck face])

the keys to the elevator dropped
in a shaft of code — behold news reel
encoded "above law" — decode "pinkly"
after cause — hope cuddled by "warm earth"
forcibly for centuries (about 5 or so)

for this, a "composite profile"
READ FIRST (                  ) then think
"Broken Intellect" — parse/scold —
bolster amnesia as fact = effective loss (pausing

"Liberty or Death" — its counterpart
in contemporary terms — "Retention"
of course thematic iteration found in
"placelessness" — or here two feet (or more)
reading/red of originality
born a shitty mess — placed.